Human Immunology Portal (HIP) is an online public resource for scientists investigating the human immune system. HIP facilitates the use of human primary tissue to better understand the human immune response to infectious diseases, by providing complete protocols, tips, and resources on working within the human system. Our goal is to help researchers more easily translate their research from mouse to human models, and thereby close the gap between basic research and clinical therapies such as new vaccines and drug targets.


The Antibodypedia portal is a database developed within the 6th framework EU program ProteomeBinders, continued in the 7th framework EU project Affinomics and the project is part of the HUPO antibody initiative (HAI).


ExactAntigen.com is now Labome.com

What They Have
Over 1 million product information submitted by our reagent provider partners, and millions of webpages selected from all 889 reagent suppliers. All are organized according to genes, species, reagent types (antibodies, recombinant proteins, ELISA, siRNA, cDNA clones, biochemicals, and others).

Modèles animaux


Si vous ne savez pas où trouver la souris KO qu'il vous faut, chercher dans la "
Database of gene knockouts".
Celle qui vous accueille
est très aimable!

Source d'information sur les souches de rats et de souris de laboratoires du C.D.T.A.


: le site de la revue, gratuite mais riche d'informations et d'images

livre des sondes fluorescentes
élaboré par
Molecular probes est accessible on-line,
mais Invitrogen vous demandera de choisir votre pays d'origine!

Immunohistochemistry Database & Virtual Control-Tissue Bank: development of an international listing of IHC tests performed by veterinary diagnostic laboratories



sur le Flow Cytometry network,120
la liste complète des CDs
Access and Download Flow Cytometry Atlas provided by the European Leukemia Information Center (ELIC)

About mAbs
In January 2009 mAbs, the first international peer-reviewed journal of its kind to focus exclusively on monoclonal antibodies, was launched. We believe that this is an excellent time to start the journal because of the increasing focus on mAbs as therapeutics.
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Antibody Resource Com : ouvert depuis 1996, ce site très régulièrement réactualisé est une porte d'entrée vers de très nombreux liens, certains pédagogiques et techniques, d'autres visuels et graphiques, ainsi que des sites commerciaux..

commercial et plus récent, abcam :
an anti
body location service, any antibody, from any company, from any where, at any time...

Bienvenue sur anticorps-enligne.fr : Le marché des anticorps de recherche
Quels sont les avantages d'un portail?
Pourquoi commander chez antibodies online?
À propos de l'entreprise antibodies online GmbH
Portail de fournisseurs indépendants depuis 2006

R/D Systems: beaucoup d'informations techniques
ANTICORPS MONOCLONAUX: avant de parcourir les pages élaborées par l'Assim, regardez le site du
Therapeutic Immunology group d'Oxford,
il est remarquablement didactique.

Immunology To-Day en août 2000 sur anticorps et internet, par
Stefan Dübel
The Recombinant Antibody pages ont été retrouvées

un autre lien dans un journal sur les anticorps monoclonaux

Virtual Immunology Lab du Howard Hughes Medical Institute: Elisa assay

ABZYMES, vues par l'université de Montréal avec des exemples, n'est plus accessible!




‘A FREE consolidated resource for flow cytometry, antibody & cell-based assay products, knowledge and services’

Roederer, 1997b. Roederer, M., 1997b. Compensation in flow cytometry: a perspective.

Flow Cytometry: Study insights and Snapshot now available Since the late 1970s, flow cytometry has enabled scientists to analyze a variety of cell types. Nearly all scientists appreciate that flow cytometry provides a lot of information about one's sample in a relatively short period of time. In a 27-question study, The Science Advisory Board asked over 750 researchers how they use flow cytometry to advance their research goals. Scientists must consider many factors when determining which brand of flow cytometer will best meet their needs. Complicating this decision is whether to perform these experiments in-house or outsource them to a flow core lab. This study addresses these issues from a scientist's perspective by examining what critical factors affect both instrument and reagent use. - Flow Cytometry Perspective: A Guide to On-Line Resources Beverly E. Barton, Ph.D., begins her perspective with the question, "If a picture is worth a thousand words, what are thousands of pictures worth?" Barton provides a brief explanation of how flow cytometry works, using "lasers to scatter light from particles (cells, bacteria, chromosomes, etc.) and to activate fluorescent dyes coupled to tagging molecules (usually antibodies)." She also provides a brief history of the development of flow cytometry and how it is used in her own lab. This unique perspective also proves to be an excellent resource for additional information on flow cytometry with Barton's compilation of links, including brief descriptions, on: general flow cytometry resources, vendors, free protocols, software, and training.

Hematologics: Hematologics, Inc., a diagnostic service laboratory established in 1995

Toute la cytométrie est à PURDUE,

Biochimie fonctionnelle cellulaire en cytométrie de flux,
par G Valet Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie, Martinsried Cell Biochemistry Cell Function in Cytomics

Guidelines & Standards de cytométrie, sur le site de Wiley, fichiers pdf d'articles publiés de 1993 à 1997

du Salk Institute: Flow Cytometry on the Web mise à jour 11 mars 2010

à l'intérieur de la "
Leukemia information library" en fait centrée sur les LAM, une classification des leucémies aigues et un cours de cytométrie de flux sur les LAM.

Guidelines for Performing Single-Platform Absolute CD4+ T-Cell Determinations with CD45 Gating for Persons Infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus


Les lignées cellulaires et bien d'autres matériels biologiques recombinants, bactéries, levures... sont à chercher à l'

Welcome to
the hypertext on cell culture availability extracted from the Cell Line Data Base of the Interlab Project . HyperCLDB includes links to records of OMIM, the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man Catalogue, and now also links to the PubMed, database of bibliographic biomedical references, which are drawn primarily from MEDLINE and PREMEDLINE.


Une revue gratuite que vous recevez peut-être
"Gene" la souris ne parle plus..., dommage

Présentation G Janossy

La présentation de Georges JANOSSY lors du Congrès de l’AFC à Nancy en 2008: un document de référence pour l’histoire de l’Immunologie, par un de ses acteursJanossysite


At Molecular Station
you will find information, protocols, bioinformatics, and links on :
- Immunology Protocols
- Immunology: Bioinformatics on Immunology
- Immunology: Bioinformatics on Antigens
and apoptosis

Purification protocols
The Protein Purification Facility
is a resource of information and assistance available to researches and students as well as biotech and pharmaceutical companies that are interested in protein purification.

more than 3,000 bio protocols on
full-text word search (not only abstracts) through most of the on-line journals, lists of links for all biology / biotech subjects and much, much more.
No registration required, no fee! Immunology Antibody/Antigen Immunization/Fusion Antibody Purification Cytokines Immune Cells FACS

Introduction aux techniques utilisées en biochimie et en immunochimie, (venant du canada, en français)